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aLIGO_SUS_CO2 Laser Machine_Spinning Mirror Assembly_[CO2_GLA_ASM_04]

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The key innovation of the CO2 machine. This assembly performs the fundamental beam shaping that facilitates fibre production. The CO2 laser beam (with red diode laser ‘tracker’ beam superimposed) enters the assembly horizontally and is reflected vertically downwards by a fixed 45 degree gold coated mirror. The beam is then reflected off a rotating 45 degree gold coated mirror, followed by a lower fixed conical gold coated mirror.
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v3: adjusted design in accordance with the stages selected by Angus Bell to replace the Martock stage that has proven to be not nearly robust enough at LHO. The two parts linked here (D1102245 and D1102247) represent what is required from a manufacturing stand point to upgrade the assembly (R.JONES, NOV11)

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