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GS-13 Pod Interposer

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D - Drawings
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GS-13 Pod Interposer plate, aLIGO BSC-ISI
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Initial release.

[the following is an email exchange with a machine shop (A. Stein):

Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 1:57 PM

In answer to your questions about the part D0900858-v1:

1) Yes, you should use the .82” dimension for the slots, as it is in the model. (I’m guessing the print mistakenly picks off the lines on the tangent edge of the .02 radii…)
2) Please add .01 x 45deg chamfers to the thru hole back-side and the 1.25-dia c’bore/slot.
3) You can leave out the .02 radii around the inner edges of the c’bores and slots.


Sent: Monday, June 14, 2010 12:45 PM
To: Andy Stein
Subject: D0900858-V1

Howdy Andy,

On part # D0900858-V1, the print is calling for .800 slots, but the model has .82 wide slots. I’m guessing you need .82 wide slots, like the model? There are 4 x .01 chamfer call-outs for top slots, then similar call-out for 2 x .01 chamfer for cbore and thru hole top. Do you want matching .01 chamfers on thru hole back side and 1.25 cbore/slot? Slots and cbores have a rad on the bottom surface ( .02 rad? ), but no print call-out for a rad? Do you want a rad on the bottom of these surfaces?//]

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