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L4C Wall, Stage 1, aLIGO BSC ISI

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06 Aug 2010, 08:59
L4C Wall, Stage 1
L4C Wall Stage 1 BSC-ISI
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Initial release.

[the following is an email exchange with a machine shop (A. Stein):

Sent: July 14, 2010

To answer your questions:

1) Holes labeled “H” should actually be grouped with the hole labeled “F”. Altogether, there are QTY 7 of the 3/8-16 tapped thru holes.
2) I see what you mean about the missing vent hole. It may have been removed intentionally, because it was too close to the nearby 1/4-20 Heli-Coil hole… I’ll check into it, but in the meantime you can just continue without the vent hole there.


Sent: Wednesday, July 14, 2010 8:57 AM
To: Andy Stein
Subject: D0902278-V1

Howdy Andy,

There is no call out for holes labeled “ H “. Are they the same as “ F “? Also in section C-3 on sheet 1, it appears there is a vent hole missing. I have attached a jpeg of the view.//]

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