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BSC-ISI, Stage 1, Close Out Plate Cover

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17 Feb 2010, 09:30
BSC-ISI, Stage 1, Close out plate cover
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See DCN E1000151 for description of changes since v1 release.

[the following is an email exchange with a machine shop (A. Stein):

Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 4:02 PM

2) The .015" flatness for D0902503 may be checked while the plate is clamped to a (flat) granite table. (During the build, we bolt D0902503 to the top of D0902273, which is much stiffer and therefore will force the Cover plate to conform to its own shape. So, your understanding of how it will go together is correct.)


Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 1:06 PM
To: Andy Stein


2) Further defining flatness....
We are having problems keeping part number D0902503 flat within .015. The drawing states flat within .015 with no mention of condition. We are to assume the condition required is flat in free state. I was wondering if you would except a flatness condition of .015 restrained?
Note: With out any understanding of how this thing goes together I can only imagine that this part is restrained by the others around it. The part is easily influenced by it's surroundings and cannot support it's own weight. The parallelism is not an issue.//]

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