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aLIGO Installation, LHO Y-End Station, Cartridge & Cleanroom, Layout

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31 Aug 2010, 10:47
Drawing for proposed BSC cartridge install equipment layout.
Notes and Changes:
1) Added proposed cable trays.
2) Set the SEI-ISI Mechanical Test Stand in a position suitable to support the cartridge installation of both the WBSC6 and WBSC10. Also set the ISI Test Stand so that the IAS survey equipment have an unblocked view of the ETMs.
3) Showing the ISC ALS optics tables
4) Added electronics racks. One analog rack adjacent to each BSC chamber. Also one digital rack for each interferometer was added in the CDS high bay area (likely more needed).
5) Defined 3 configurations for the SolidWorks model:
a) WBSC6 -- shows the location of the support equipment for a BSC6 cartridge installation
b) BSC10 -- shows the location of the support equipment for a WBSC10 cartridge installation
c) overlapping BSC6 and BSC10 installs - shows the superposition of the positions of all support equipment used for cartridge installation into the 2 BSC chambers in the end station
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