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TCS: EtherCAT Corner Station Chassis

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D - Drawings
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EtherCAT chassis containing the following units

1x EK1100: EtherCAT Coupler
10x EL3104: 4 channel analogue input +/-10V
3x EL4134: 4 channel analogue output +/- 10V
8x EL1124: 4 channel digital input 5V
5x EL2124: 4 channel digital output 5V
10x EL3202-0010: high precision PT100 input for RTD
1x EL7342: 2 channel DC motor stage
2x EL3102: 2 channel analogue input +/-10V
2x EL1014: 4 channel digital input 24V
2x EL1872: 16-channel digital input terminals 24 V DC
2x EL2872: 16-channel digital output terminal 24 V DC
1x EL9410: Power supply terminal for E-bus

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- removed Row 2, Terminals 2-13. These controlled the pico-motor drivers but are no longer required and result in unnecessary current draw.
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