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Advanced LIGO HAM6 Optical Reference

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Advanced LIGO HAM6 optical reference as calculated using Matlab and Optocad.

Note from Dennis Coyne: The ISC layout, created in Optocad, should have been documented in D1200033, "aLIGO HAM6 Ray Trace", but as of 4/6/2015 this DCC entry is empty. Systems created an assembly drawing for the ISC subsystem, D1000342, "ISC HAM6 Assembly" where the optics were positioned based on the Optocad optical ray trace. Although Sam did not explain the cryptic text files that he uploaded here, I have deduced that the numbers in the two files are: (a) the coordinates of the centers of the HR surfaces of the HAM6 optics (in mm), and (b) the end points of the ray trace segments (in mm). using a local coordinate frame about the center of the top surface of the HAM6 optics table which is (-y, x,z) with respect to the global coordinate system. The center of the optics table in the HAM6 chamber is (0,-22692, -200) in the global coordinate system (see for example D1200869 for chamber center coordinates). The beam height (for OM1, OM2, OM3 and OMC input mirror) is 4.0" (101.6 mm) above the HAM6 optics table. The global coordinates of a few key elements which effect OMC mode matching are given in the table below:
optic X (mm) Y (mm) Z (mm) Ref. (mm)
SRM HR surface center 305.0 -19908.6 -93.2 E1300128-v3 pg 63 and D0902216-v8
Output Septum Window center 395.0 -21376.0 -121.1 D1200869 for table center
D961094 Y relative to HAM6 center
D1001662 X & Z
OM1 HR surface center 501.3 -23317.1 -98.4 D1200034
OM2 HR surface center 312.9 -21935.0 -98.4 D1200034
OM3 HR surface center 301.5 -22570.8 -98.4 D1200034
OMC Input Mirror HR surface center 52.7 -22421.6 -98.4 D1200034
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