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L1 ITMy OptLev Beams at Viewport after CPy Pitch Correction

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The recently replaced L1-CPy has ~384 microradian yaw error and ~1380 microradian pitch error. The pitch is planned to be corrected by adjusting the pitch balance mass in the penultimate mass of the reaciton chain in a vacuum vent tomorrow. This 1:1 scale drawing shows the locations of the Optical Lever beams after the CPy pitch has been corrected. The grid is 1 inch x 1 inch.

It should *not* be necessary to place this target inside the manifold. The OptLev beam reflected from the first CPy surface should be visible at all times through the viewport as the pitch is adjusted. If you opt for this approach then of course the person at the view port shoudl be in radio communication with the person making the pitch adjustment inside the chamber.

The direction of CPy pitch correction is for the top of the CPy to move in the +Y direction by about 0.23 mm.

See LLO elog #28336

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