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Instructions for taking Low Volatility Residue (LVR) Wipe Samples

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10 Oct 2017, 17:02
19 Jan 2011, 15:57
Instructions for taking Low Volatility Residue (LVR) Wipe Samples
Notes and Changes:
v3: posted by CTorrie for CTaylor. v3 includes updated clarification on respirator use.
v3: 8/29/2019: File added. K. Baric added FTIL instructions provided by JPL in August 2019 as reference. These used by seen as additional guidance in line with LIGO guidance.
v2: Updated to include use of Hexanes, which results in additional safety precautions.
v1: This procedure is a revision from the procedure provided to us by Mark Anderson of JPL. It makes a distinction between sampling holes and surface areas. It also cites the JPL recommended surface area as a minimum and provides minimum and maximum surface sample areas by allowing re-dipping of the wipe into the solvent.
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held on 06 May 2011
held on 26 Mar 2010

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