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First Contact Brush and Pour Application and Removal Procedure

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The First Contact Spray Application, E1300017 is the approved method of cleaning suspended optics with first contact.
This pour or brush procedure can continue to be used for non-suspended optics, and in special cases suspended ones. Reference the General Optics Cleaning Procedure or contact COC prior to using this procedure to clean optics.

Using FC for the first time: If you have a delicate material like calcite, OR a gold coated optic, try the first contact on a sample piece before the real thing. It has been known to peel off gold coatings that are poorly adhered to the surface.

Compatibility of First Contact and Common Solvents:
The clear and red polymer solvents and their thinners ARE NOT compatible, do not mix them together in wet or dry form.
Isopropanol and Methanol ARE NOT compatible with first contact, do not mix them in wet OR dry form.
Acetone IS compatible with first contact and can be used to clean up dry FC or FC brushes.

first contact pour brush
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version 6 was updated to include the approval of the Spray Application, E1300017.
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