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Vibration Absorber : Final Design Review

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20 Aug 2010, 09:30
Vibration Absorber : Final Design Review (Main Review document)
Vibration Absorber FDR
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DCC File Card - CIT notes Norna Robertson and Liam Cunningham missing from author list in document.

Version 4 includes -
1) Section 4 - All of the following documents are linked from the FDR page, LIGO-E1000297-x0.
2) Section 4 - The quantity required is also included in the cost estimate document, LIGO-C1001399
3) Section 4 - Value engineering - The team is also looking at the current from a value engineering point of view. In LIGO-T1000502: Vibration Absorber suggested changes and Enhancements we will look at cost, ease of assembly, transport and installation in more detail.
Calum Torrie 8:00am PT 30th Aug 2010

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