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Optical Lever Heights above the Floor

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07 Nov 2010, 18:56
The height of the optical lever transmitter and receiver relative to the global axes is determined in the Zemax optical layout (see related documents below). The locations of the optical lever transmitter and receiver are exported from Zemax and transformed into local (gravity aligned) coordinates and then the height above the floor is determined.
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1) A plot showing where each OpLev is in the corner station
2) The vernacular name for each OpLev (e.g. "Large Dwarf")
3) The drawing number of the pylon weldment

WARNING: The floor height relative to the vertex in the LVEA was measured for LHO and LLO. I have only assumed that the same floor height applies in the end stations at each site -- this should be measured! (... or may have already been measured by the OpLev group).

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