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Initial Alignment Procedure - LBSC5 As Built

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E - Engineering documents
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This is the procedure for the initial alignment of the Livingston BSC5. This document describes the necessary equipment and procedures for setting the initial positions and the angular alignments of the principal optics both for the cartridge installation on the test stand and the later installation of the cartridge into the chamber.
Notes and Changes:
4/4/2014 J. Oberling: Added As Built document as its own version. Various format/cross reference fixes.

2/14/2014 J. Oberling: Updated in-chamber alignment section. Still need monument names, but solution is correct.

12/13/2013 J. Oberling: Tweaked cartridge alignment solution to reflect actual ISI placement on test stand (not shifted forward 179 mm as done at LHO).

8/13/2013 J. Oberling: Added cartridge alignment solution and section on Pcal periscope assembly alignment.

Still to do:
-Add monument names for in-chamber alignment

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