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DCN for changes to ISC ADC/DAC channel assignments and ISC vertex rack layout

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E - Engineering documents
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dcn isc wiring
Notes and Changes:
1. Changes are made in T1100472 version 5 (ISC ADC and DAC channel assignment document) that reflect a different grouping of signals for the LSC DAC 0 feeds to HAM6 and HAM1.
2. A newly designed patch panel (D1201450) allows more efficient usage of DAC channels for the signals mentioned in item 1 above. This patch panel is installed in the IMC R1 rack at U31 to facilitate connections to the common and differential VCO, plus the CM summing junction.
3. Another RF patch panel (D1201470) has been installed in rack R1 at U28 to facilitate connection to the 2 channel RF demodulator and PF discriminator.
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