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Unamplified DC Photodetector

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Assembly of the unamplified DC photodiode used in the ALS system. These detectors are used to monitor laser beam power in various locations, and are interfaced to the slow controls system via the EtherCAT Auxiliary Signals Concentrators, using the Dual PD Amplifier D1200543.
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Thorlabs SM1PD1A - Large Area Mounted Silicon Photodiode, 400-1100 nm, Cathode Grounded
Thorlabs SM1L05 - SM1 Lens Tube, 0.5" Thread Depth, One Retaining Ring Included
Thorlabs SM1RC - 1" (SM1) Series Slim Lens Tube Slip Ring, 8-32 Tapped Hole
Thorlabs BA2 - baseplate
LIGO D0901749 - 3/4" post, 2.75" height

In order to electrically isolated the diode from the table, wrap Kapton tape around the lens tube before mounting into slip ring.

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