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ECR- Modification of Oplev/Pcal Receiver Pylon Weldments

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Addition (welding) of Pcal Receiver Mounting Blocks (D1300499-v2) onto Oplev/Pcal Receiver Pylon Weldments. These additions are necessary for mounting of the Pcal Receiver Module.
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7/17/2013 approved by Dennis Coyne
Notes from conversation with Craig Conly:
1) The holes depicted in the 3D model sketch for the pylon do not exist in every instance of the pylon (only the first two units have these holes). Hence one cannot simply design an interfacing fixture between the pylon shelf and the PCal receiver base.
2) A fixture will be used to provide relative location positioning between the proposed welded "nuts".
3) The welding will be done with the pylon not in situ. It can be in a corner of the LVEA if permitted, or outside the LVEA. At any rate the welding will not be done in proximity to an opening to the vacuum system.

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