LIGO Document E1400187-v4

SUS Acceptance Data Summary

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E - Engineering documents
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This document summarizes the various DCC documents, ICS links and alog entries supporting the acceptance of H1, L1 and 3IFO suspensions. Initially for Fabrication Acceptance, but later Install Acceptance.

This document is NOT part of the formal acceptance process. It was prepared to allow SUS staff to keep track of which documents and links we already had for acceptance results and which were still missing/to do. All the formal acceptance pages for each suspension can be found from links under related documents in the DCC entry at E1400019 "aLIGO SUS Grouping of Fabrication Acceptance Documentation".

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-v2 Corrected S-numbers for H1 BS, new and/or better data for ETMy, PR3, SRM, SR3
-v3 New B&K data for ETMy
-v4 New TMTS data

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