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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WHAM3

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aLIGO Installation Acceptance Document for WHAM3
acceptance HAM3
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WHAM3_acceptance_notes_2014-12-01 (S.Aston)

Changes from E1400440-v1 to v2

Section 1
- Change "covers the HAM chamber LHAM3" to WHAM 3 in the introduction.
- Electronics Rack Designations have now been populated.

Section 2
- Installation Procedure (E1200450), refers to D1101249, which it notes is "not currently available for H1. In the mean time use L1 documents". Implies LHO are awaiting this doc, but is being worked on? or can LHO just use the LLO doc in it's place?
- As-built/Aligned Procedure, provides clear data for PR2 (5784), however, MC2 (4811) is seriously lacking. Is this data available elsewhere, or can it be posted to the aLOG?

Section 3
- Electronics Rack Drawings have now been populated.

Section 4
- If exists, ICS records for HEPI need to be linked here.

Section 5
- Viewport leak and pressure tests need to be included.
- I understand that B&K hammering of scrapper baffles has not been carried out.

Section 7
- I noticed there was an open integration issue regarding a cross-coupling observed on MC2 (Bug#847), which has now been mitigated and I requested be closed.

Changes from E1400440-v2 to v3 2015-02-02 (S.Aston)

Section 2
- Added links to aLOG entries covering MC2 alignment (carried out by IOO not IAS).

Section 4
- Added links to ICS which contains HEPI parts as a sub-assembly.

Section 6
- Amended note to state that all items are installed.
- Removed note regarding ICS completeness.

Section 7
- Removed Old LLO integration issues and linked to WHAM3 bug-list container #983.

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