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DCN: Remove laser diode power monitoring from Optical Lever system

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Change: Remove laser diode power monitoring from the optical lever system.
HAM Table and Optics levers: from D1002740-v5 to D1002740-v6 (pg 16 changed)
ITMS and BS: from D1100022-v11 to D1100022-v12 (pg 21 changed)
ETMs: from D1002741-v7 to D1002741-v8 (pg 16 changed)

Reason/background: All optical levers have the ability to readout out laser diode power monitors. Readout channels for these monitors were an intended part of the Optical Lever design per these drawings:

HAM Table and Optics levers, pg 16
ITMS and BS, pg 21
ETMs, pg 16

such that we could assess (and perhaps alarm on) the health of the optical lever lasers.

As of Feb-2015 neither observatory has laid the necessary cabling for this system, nor are their channels built into in the SUSAUX front-end code expecting them.

A decision has been made to eliminate the laser diode power monitoring from the baseline design. See integration issue #1017:

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