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DCN, End Station ESD Controls and Wiring Changes

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E - Engineering documents
Notes detailing the changes to the established SUS End Station Wiring Diagrams, and the release of a new set of drawings specific to the Electro-Static Drive (ESD) function.
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A new low noise driver has been added to the existing suspension system ESD function. An ECR E1400387 has been approved to allow this change. Drawings were changed according to the following notes:

1. Page 9 annotated to reflect that certain channels of Binary IO are now under the control of D1400177
2. Page 11 annotated to reflect that the two AA connections used by the ESD function are under the control of D1400177
3. Page 15 annotated to reflect two AI ports are under the control of D1400177 serving as drive ports for the ESD function. Also, the 18-bit AI chassis has been changed to reflect the D1500177 AI/PI function used instead.
4. Page 1 updated revision block regarding changes to ESD documentation and referring to D1400177

1. All sheets have been completely redrawn with excerpts from D1002741.
2. New cable numbers have been assigned to reflect the added cables used in the implementation of D1500129, the LV ESD Driver and its connection to the E3074 HV Driver built by Strathclyde.
3. Components have been added to show the routing of the PI DAC signals through the newly created 18-bit AI/PI chassis D1500177
4. Connections are now shown detailing the HV ESD digital monitoring routing to the binary input monitors

1. Version 1 and 2 of this chassis are electrically identical. Version 1 was initially hand modified to add features. Version 2 is a second generation chassis wherein the modifications have been updated into new releases of the internal circuit boards.

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