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CDRL for VE design, fabrication, installation and test

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This document is the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) from the contract with PSI for "LIGO Vacuum Equipment Design, Fabrication, Installation and Test (Phase B)", extracted from C950804.
A cross reference from CDRL to DCC document is provided in the "Notes and Changes" metadata field.
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The Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) from Exhibit II of the initial contract (file C950804-00.pdf), starting on page 105:

  1. CDRL 01, C951511, C951708 Phase B Update of Preliminary Design

  2. CDRL 02, C951536 Project management Plan

  3. CDRL 03, C960962, C960963, C960964, C960965, C960966, C960967 Final Design

  4. CDRL 04, C951748 Preliminary Design Review Data Package

  5. CDRL 05, C961160, C962998 Final Design Review Data Package

  6. CDRL 06, C982421, C982422, C982423, C990030, C990031, C990032 Acceptance Test Report

  7. CDRL 07, C981626, C982479 Acceptance Test Review Data Package

  8. CDRL 08, C951406, C951743, C960179, C960815, C960892, C962061, C962267, C962532, C962912, C970252, C971126, C971131, C971143, C971429, C971498, C971679, C971702, C971703, C972320, C972876, C980721, C981060, C981360, C981489, C981656, C981711, C981790, C981866, C981953, C982013, C982603, C982604 Minutes

  9. CDRL 09, C951707, C951747, C962997, C960688, C960896, C961275, C961276, C967584, C962017, C962429, C962634, C962996, C970362, C970671, C970931, C971237, C971422, C971488, C971936, C972214, C972624, C980107, C980240, C980548, C980938, C981485, C981789, C981884, C982008, C982178, C982525, C982853, C982898 Status Report

  10. CDRL 10, C951706 Deliverables to the Beam Tube Final Design Review Data Package

  11. CDRL 11, C962452 Prototype Vessel Data Review

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