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Material Qualification RGA Test Results: Low-Reflection, Matte Black Aluminum Foil

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Residual Gas Assay (RGA) of a sample of Matte Black Coated Aluminum Foil (All Foils; ThorLabs BKF12) - 50 ft x 1 ft roll.

The water outgassing rate of this sample (after 120C baking) is ~2e-12 Torr-L/s/cm^2 (comparable to aluminum after 1000 hr of pumping).

The apparent hydrocarbon outgassing rate of this sample is ~3e-10 torr-L/s (depends on interpretation of AMU 43, which is not well resolved). This just meets the single bake-load limit of 4e-10 tL/s (per section 6.c of E080177-v1).

The possible, proximate use-cases for this material are:
1) As a shroud(s) around the Transmission Monitor & Telescope Assembly, which requires a minimum of ~30 sq. ft. (single-sided), or 60% of this load.
2) As a shroud around the barrel of the test mass optic and suspension structure.

For more details about the RGA testing see:

See also the results of the optical contamination cavity tests in E1900232.

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