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HAM-8 FTIR Mapping

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HAM-8 follow up FTIR Mapping. Areas sampled were similar in location to the areas mapped in HAM7.

Brief alog reporting on particulate counts and smell:
Summary: "As soon as the door was removed, the strong odor was there again that you could smell through your mask. Joe H, who poked his nose just inside the cleanroom said, "it smelled like iLIGO". It reminded him of the iLIGO days when there was lots of viton in the chamber and it was pumped down, and then going into the chamber after that. It does have that kind of rubbery type smell. Samples were taken inside the chamber once the door was off. We did try a multigas detector bit it did not yield anything."

Box 2 and 3 E2100150 Ham-8 Mapping Post Bake The following vials should be sampled first: S1, S3, S7, S5, and S8 *Urgent*

Tracking: 1Z47X6X60194089764 and 1Z47X6X60192680770

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