LIGO Document E2100204-v3

ECR PUM Driver LP Filter Changes for ITMs and ETMs

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E - Engineering documents
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A proposed shift in the frequency of the input filter to the D070483-v7 circuit to allow more dynamic range when in the "State 3" mode of input LP filter on, Acquisition filter off mode.
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  • PDF Version (ECR_AS_PUM_DriverFilterShift_v3.pdf, 136.4 kB)
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  • Word Version (ECR_AS_PUM_DriverFilterShift_v3.docm, 48.7 kB)
Notes and Changes:
This version of this ECR fixes a typo in the Description of Proposed Change(s): from D2100205 to E2100205. Also in the description, there are several words telling what the reader will find in E2100205. No technical content/intent has been changed by this version update.
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