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Witness sample SN1009-LMA005 80 mm, ETM HR stack, Aluminum foil on mount, nearby panels and shutter

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A catalog of links for advanced LIGO (aLIGO) era coating witness samples proveded by LMA for purposes of point absorber investigation and mitigation. Each sample is assigned a unique DCC number, then test data are linked to that branch.
Core Optics witness samples are found at E2000020
Master filecard for LMA samples found at E2000079
Trello Card for this sample at

100 mm labeled SN1009-LMA005 Coated with SN C21094-10 E2100394
Coating: HR ETM stack
Coating conditions: Aluminum foil (50 Ám thick) on mount, nearby panels and shutter

SN1009-LMA005 on the case label, C21094-10 is hand written on the case, and the barrel is engraved with "FMC OI"

SEM results working document here ( login) () ()

Ablation work by MIT November 2021 found at E2100466 pages 22-71

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