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A Bayesian stack-slide search for X-ray pulsations in LMXBs

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We describe a new semi-coherent Bayesian search strategy designed to analyse the RXTE data archive with the aim of searching for pulsations from the galactic low-mass X-ray binaries for which pulsations have not yet been found. This method follows a Bayesian approach to the standard stack-slide search strategy and is potentially \( \sim 5 \) times more sensitive to pulsations than previous analyses. This is because all archive observations are semi-coherently combined into the search and in the event of a non-detection the Bayesian approach allows upper-limits on the fractional amplitude of the pulsations to be output directly. The primary motivation behind this analysis is to obtain accurate spin and orbital parameter values for these objects such that gravitational wave searches may benefit from the parameter space volume reduction.
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GWDAW 13 held from 19 Jan 2009 to 22 Jan 2009 in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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