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Searches for Gravitational Waves from Compact Binary Coalescences with LIGO and Virgo

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The LIGO-Virgo joint scientific collaboration is looking for gravitational
waves emitted during the coalescence of massive compact objects (neutron
stars, black holes) in the data collected during the two-year long S5-VSR1
joint science data-taking run. The analysis is based on a match-filtering
technique. Different template families are used: inspiral post-Newtonian
templates for low-mass binaries (up to 35 Msun), inspiral-merger-ringdown
templates for high-mass binaries (up to 100 Msun), and ring-down templates
for perturbed massive black holes (up to 600 Msun). The collaboration
pursues all-sky all-time searches as well as externally triggered searches
for gravitational waves emitted by GRB progenitors. We present an overview
of these searches, report recent results, and touch on science prospects
for the upcoming Enhanced LIGO and Virgo joint science run, S6-VSR2.
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Added results from low-mass months 12--18
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Presented at the Canadian Astronomical Society (CASCA) Annual General Meeting, May 2009.

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