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GRB-triggered searches for gravitational waves from compact binary inspirals in LIGO and Virgo data during S5/VSR1

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During LIGO's fifth science run (S5) and Virgo's first science run (VSR1), x-ray and gamma-ray observatories recorded 33 short, hard gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), 22 of which had sufficiently high quality data in two or more detectors. The most convincing explanation for the majority of short GRBs is that in the final stages of an inspiral between a neutron star (NS) and a companion compact object, the neutron star is tidally disrupted, providing material to accrete, heat, and eject on sub-second timescales. We describe a search for the gravitational-wave inspiral signatures associated with the short GRBs in S5/VSR1.
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