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Reconstruction of core-collapse supernova gravitational wave burst signals based on waveform catalogs

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Presented is the description of a technique that we propose to use to extract information on a core collapse supernova from the observation of the associated gravitational wave burst signal from the collapse, bounce and ring-down phase. We use libraries of core collapse waveforms, computed for different combinations of physical parameters like progenitor mass, spin and the nuclear equation of state. From these we create a sparse set of orthogonal basis vectors using principal component analysis (PCA). Bayesian inference techniques are then used to reconstruct the gravitational wave burst signal that was detected by an interferometric detector; posterior probability distribution functions are derived for the amplitudes of the PCA eigenvectors, and the pulse arrival time. We discuss how we propose to use the signal reconstruction scheme to help establish detection confidence, localise the source, and extract information on the physical parameters associated with the supernova.
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