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Coincident search for gravitational-wave and neutrino signals from core-collapse supernovae

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06 Jul 2009, 14:55
Core-collapse supernovae are potential sources of gravitational waves and have well-established neutrino and optical signatures. The neutrino signal is expected to be observed essentially simultaneously with the gravitational-wave signal, while the optical signal is expected to rise hours after these prompt signals. This sequence of events constitutes the cornerstone of the detection process in gravitational-wave and neutrino observations of stellar collapse. While significant uncertainties exist in the gravitational-wave emission associated with core-collapse supernovae, the corresponding neutrino emission is better understood and is expected to be robustly measured by the global network of neutrino detectors out to O(100kpc). We discuss the scientific benefits of a coincident, i.e. within a short time window, gravitational-wave and neutrino search for core-collapse supernovae, namely, lower detection thresholds, higher detection confidence, better live-time coverage by a worldwide network of gravitational-wave and neutrino detectors, and the potential for discovery of a supernova event with only a weak or no accompanying electromagnetic display. We also consider coordinated gravitational-wave and neutrino observations and analyses in anticipation of future, more sensitive gravitational-wave and neutrino detectors.
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