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Towards joint searches of Gravitational Waves and High-energy neutrinos

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Many of the astrophysical sources and violent phenomena observed in our Universe are potential emitters of gravitational waves
and high-energy cosmic radiation, in the form of photons, hadrons, and presumably also neutrinos. Both gravitational waves (GW)
and high-energy neutrinos (HEN) are alternative cosmic messengers that may escape very dense media and travel unaffected over
cosmological distances, carrying information from the innermost regions of the astrophysical engines (from which photons and
charged cosmic rays can barely reach us). For the same reasons, such messengers could also reveal new, hidden sources that were
not observed by conventional photon-based astronomy. Coincident observation of GWs and HENs may thus play an important role in
multi-messenger astronomy. This is particularly true at the present time owing to the advent of a new generation of dedicated
detectors: ANTARES, now fully operational in the Mediterranean Sea, and Ice Cube, taking data and proceeding with deployment at
the South Pole, as well as the GW interferometers Virgo in Italy and LIGO in the United States, both upgrading and preparing for
a common science run in mid-2009. After a survey of the GW and HEN astrophysical sources, we will present a possible strategy for
the joint analysis of the data from the detectors currently in operation along with an expectation of its performances obtained
from Monte-Carlo simulations.
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