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Status of the search for gravitational wave signals from high mass compact binary coalescences in LIGO S5 data

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We present a report on the search for gravitational waves from coalescing compact binary systems with total mass between 25 and 100 solar masses in the LIGO Fifth Science run (S5) data. The goal of the search is to make a detection and, even if no detection is made, to constrain the rate of occurrences of such coalescences. In this mass regime LIGO is sensitive to the inspiral, merger and ringdown phases of the waveform. Due to this, the templates used for previous searches for compact binary systems, containing only the inspiral phase, are insufficient for our purposes. We therefore use analytic template models calibrated to recent numerical relativity simulations that probe the late inspiral, merger and ringdown phases. We give an overview of the search pipeline used, highlighting the differences with previous searches, and report on the status of the search.
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