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Final Results of the All-sky Search for Gravitational-wave Bursts in the First Joint LIGO-GEO-Virgo Run

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The LIGO-GEO-Virgo network of gravitational-wave detectors collected data of unprecedented sensitivity in their 2005-2007 science runs and have produced the most sensitive all-sky burst search to date. Using data from these runs, we describe the search for bursts: short-duration gravitational-wave signals with unknown or poorly modeled waveforms. Such signals may accompany astrophysical events like core-collapse supernovae, and the merger phase of coalescing binary compact stars. 387 days of data were collected when at least 2 of the 4 LIGO/Virgo detectors were in operation and four different analysis algorithms were applied to these data in the frequency band of 50 6000 Hz. In this talk, we will discuss the search algorithms used, their combined results and their astrophysical interpretation.
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