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Followups to Gravitational-Wave Signal Candidates

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The LIGO and Virgo gravitational wave detectors have now completed joint data collection in their initial configurations.  Phenomena searched for include the gravitational signatures of compact binary mergers, stellar core collapse, black hole creation, and other highly energetic astrophysical events.  An important goal of this joint run was to search for EM counterparts to candidate gravitational wave events.  Wide-field optical telescopes and Swift were enlisted to promptly capture images of the sky positions reconstructed for promising transient gravitational-wave signal candidates.  An EM counterpart, if detected, could help confirm a signal candidate as a real event and would yield valuable information about the progenitor and the astrophysics of the event.  LOOC-UP and Swift ToO are projects with the goal to locate and observe these optical phenomena.  In this poster we describe the methodologies and operations of these projects during the joint LIGO-Virgo run.
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