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Suspensions Controls Design Summary Table

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24 Apr 2018, 15:30
31 Aug 2016, 16:54
25 May 2016, 08:11
This one-page document serves as a point of reference for all information / drawings needed to build the control systems for aLIGO Suspended optics.
Notes and Changes:
- Updated ETM / ITM ESD pattern lever arm. Used D0900949 (v2) for ETM, and chose actuation ring aligned with bump stops, which is radially ``in the middle'' of the pattern, i.e. 280mm diam / 2 = 140 mm radius. Used D080177 (v4) for ITM, and similarly chose the average of (306 + 296)/2 diam = 301 mm diam => 150.5 mm radius.

- Added OFIS and OPOS and associated mention of relevant DCC entries,
- removed reference to unmodified UIM,
- added other OSEM configurations for OPOS, OFIS, 4-OSEMs, added version numbers used for HAM-A drivers,
- added clarification of satamp used since many more SUS use US satamps these days,
- added Pitch / Yaw lever arms,
- added ITM / ETM ESD driver distinction.

v8: Updated DC Transconducance for modified TACQ drivers to better match measured data.

From v7: Updated M3 stage of HSTS to include possibility of modified TACQ driver. Also added the number of turns for an OSEM vs a BOSEM.

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