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Searches for continuous gravitational waves in the advanced detector era

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Non-axisymmetric, rapidly rotating neutron stars are predicted to emit continuous quasi-monochromatic gravitational waves. Detecting these waves would provide a unique probe of the astrophysics of neutron stars and General Relativity. The LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration have carried out a wide range of different searches for continuous gravitational wave sources: targeted searches for signals from known pulsars using precise electromagnetic ephemerides, directed searches for signals from plausible sources such as Scorpius X-1 but having some unknown source parameters, and all-sky searches for signals from undiscovered neutron stars, including those that are in binary systems. These different searches and, where available, new results using data from the first Observing Run of Advanced LIGO will be presented.
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Amaldi 12 held on 09 Jul 2017 in Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA

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