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The Brazilian Program on Gravitational Wave Detection

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09 Jul 2017, 12:50
The Brazilian program on gravitational wave detection has three main lines of action. The first one is to participate in the various possible areas of contribution for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC). Presently we are working on aLIGO detection and characterization and LIGO Voyager R&D. The second is to reassemble the gravitational wave antenna Mario Schenberg (formerly at the Institute of Physics of the University of São Paulo (IFUSP) in São Paulo), now at the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) in São José dos Campos, and their improvement, to leave it with sufficient sensibility for detection/observation. The third is to construct a third generation laser interferometer observatory in South America. Here we detailed this program further.
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Amaldi 12 held on 09 Jul 2017 in Hilton Hotel, Pasadena, CA

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