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Gravitational Wave Astronomy: History in the Making (CSEE Colloquium @ OSU, 2021-03-01)

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Having just past the five-year anniversary of the first direct detection of gravitational waves this past September, the international network of gravitational wave (GW) detectors -- including the two U.S.-based detectors of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational wave Observatory (or LIGO) -- has been quite busy. The number of detections has surpassed 70, and weve learned so many new things from the diversity of individual events that one can no longer squeeze even the highlights into one talk! Instead, Ill cover the what were now beginning to discern about fundamental physics from the population of detections weve observed, cover the promise of the imminent data release, and cover some of the upgrades well be installing over the next few years such that we may hopefully achieve the full capability of these A+ generation LIGO detectors, able to observe several GW detections per week of operation.
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The slides are full of animations, so be sure to download the .pptx!
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