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Seismic Platform Interferometer for improved low frequency performance of aLIGO

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11 Sep 2022, 23:08
The LIGO group at Stanford has built and is working to evaluate the precision and stability a prototype for a Seismic Platform Interferometer, with help from and based on the designs provided by Sina Köhlenbeck. It is a phasemeter, and the current model uses a Mach-Zehnder topology with kHz-order heterodyne beat note frequency. It interfaces to a LIGO-designed real-time system through standard anti-aliasing equipment, and operated at a model rate of 64kHz. We hope that this engineering model will serve as a final step towards integration of SPI differential control between aLIGO's seismic platforms in order to reduce noise at 1Hz and below.
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REV2: Includes analysis on readout noise limit done shortly after LVK meeting.

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