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SOP for operating the Arm Length Stabilization at LLO

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This document is the Standard Operating Procedure governing the operation of the ISC Arm Length Stabilization lasers at LLO. This SOP is designed to ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment in and around the experiment while it is operating. Its role falls within the overall laser safety plan is described in LIGO-M960001, LIGO Laser Safety Plan.

The Arm Length Stabilization utilizes lasers (figure 1) installed on an 8ft x 4ft optical table assembly designated as ISCTEX (ISCTB4L) and ISCTEY (ISCTB5R), which are located in the VEA in their respective end-stations (figure 2 and 3). Each optics table has a standard aluminum enclosure with HEPA filter, and two access doors. On the optics table, within the enclosure is an InnoLight Prometheus laser, which is capable of delivering 1.2W of 1064nm light and 50mW of 532nm. During normal IFO operation, the ALS lasers will be energized and operational as well.

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