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Environmentally-induced nonstationarity in LIGO science run data

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NoiseFloorMon is a data monitoring tool (DMT) implemented at the LIGO sites to monitor instances of non-stationarity in the gravitational wave data that are correlated with physical environmental monitors. An analysis of the fifth science run is nearly complete, and test runs preceding the sixth science run have also been analyzed. These analyses have identified time intervals in the gravitational wave channel that indicate non-stationarity due to seismic activity, and these intervals are being submitted as segments requiring data quality flags. In the analyses conducted to date the majority of time segments identified as non-stationary were due to seismic activity at the corner station and the x-arm end station. The algorithm and its performance is presented here, and we discuss the potential for a fully automated, on-site pipeline that will generate daily data quality flags for future data runs.
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