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Adaptive control of modal properties of optical beams using photothermal effects

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: We present an experimental demonstration of adaptive control of modal properties of optical beams. The control is achieved via heat-induced photothermal actuation of transmissive optical elements. We use conductive heating of a substrate via spatially selective application of heat using resistive electrical contacts. The system is capable of controlling both symmetrical and astigmatic aberrations providing a powerful means of correcting in-situ control of thermal aberrations in high power laser systems. We demonstrate a tunable lens with a focusing power varying from minus infinity to -10 m along two axes using SF57 optical glass. Applications of the proposed system include laser material processing, thermal compensation of high laser power radiation, and optical beam steering.
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This revision is based upon the final manuscript accepted for publication in Optics Express.
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Muzammil A. Arain, William Z. Korth, Luke F. Williams, Rodica M. Martin, Guido Mueller, D. B. Tanner, and David H. Reitze, "Adaptive control of modal properties of optical beams using photothermal effects," Opt. Express 18, 2767-2781 (2010)

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