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This is a compilation of the papers published on the aLIGO instrument as built. Top-level references to Virgo, KAGRA, etc. also welcome. The objective is to provide a resource for references in further publications. Please add new papers as they become available!
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A compilation for use as reference in additional aLIGO papers.


  1. Advanced LIGO
    The LIGO Scientific Collaboration
    Class. and Quantum Grav. 32, (2015) 074001
    doi:10.1088/0264-9381/32/7/074001, P1400177
  2. Advanced Virgo: a second-generation interferometric gravitational wave detector
    The Virgo Collaboration
    Class. and Quantum Grav. 32, (2015) 024001

  3. Suspensions:

  4. Enhanced characteristics of fused silica fibers using laser polishing
    A. Heptonstall, M.A. Barton, A.S. Bell, A. Bohn, G. Cagnoli, A. Cumming, A. Grant, E. Gustafson, G.D. Hammond, J. Hough, R. Jones, R. Kumar, K. Lee, I.W. Martin, N.A. Robertson, S. Rowan, K.A. Strain and K.V. Tokmakov
    Class. Quantum Grav. 31, 10, 2014, 105006
  5. Experimental results for nulling the effective thermal expansion coefficient of fused silica fibres under a static stress
    C. Bell, S. Reid, J. Faller, G.D. Hammond, J. Hough, I.W. Martin, S. Rowan and K.V. Tokmakov
    Class. Quantum Grav. 31, 6, 2014, 065010
  6. A study of the fracture mechanisms in pristine silica fibres utilising high speed imaging techniques
    K.V. Tokmakov, A. Cumming, J. Hough, R. Jones, R. Kumar, S. Reid, S. Rowan, N.A. Lockerbie, A. Wanner, G. Hammond
    Journ. Non-Crystalline Solids. 358, 14, 2012, P1699–1709
  7. Reducing the suspension thermal noise of advanced gravitational wave detectors
    G.D. Hammond, A.V. Cumming, J. Hough, R. Kumar, K. Tokmakov, S. Reid and S. Rowan
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 12, 2012, 124009
  8. Update on Quadruple Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO
    S.M. Aston, M.A. Barton, A. S. Bell, N. Beveridge, B. Bland, A.J. Brummitt, G. Cagnoli, C.A. Cantley, L. Carbone, A.V. Cumming, L. Cunningham, R.M. Cutler, R.J.S. Greenhalgh, G.D. Hammond, K. Haughian, T.M. Hayler, A. Heptonstall, J. Heefner, D. Hoyland, J. Hough, R. Jones, J.S. Kissel, R. Kumar, N.A. Lockerbie, D. Lodhia, I.W. Martin, P.G. Murray, J. O’Dell, M.V. Plissi, S. Reid, J. Romie, N.A. Robertson, S. Rowan, B. Shapiro, C.C. Speake, K.A. Strain, K.V. Tokmakov, C. Torrie, A.A. van Veggel, A. Vecchio, I. Wilmut
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 235004, 2012, P1200056
  9. Sensors and Actuators for the Advanced LIGO Mirror Suspensions
    L. Carbone, S.M. Aston, R.M. Cutler, A. Freise, J. Greenhalgh, J. Heefner, D. Hoyland, N.A. Lockerbie,D. Lodhia, N.A. Robertson, C.C. Speake, K.A. Strain and A.Vecchio
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 115005, 2012, P1100208
  10. Design and development of the advanced LIGO monolithic fused silica suspension
    A V Cumming, A S Bell, L Barsotti, M A Barton, G Cagnoli, D Cook, L Cunningham, M Evans, G D Hammond, G M Harry, A Heptonstall, J Hough, R Jones, R Kumar, R Mittleman, N A Robertson, S Rowan, B Shapiro, K A Strain, K Tokmakov, C Torrie and A A van Veggel
    Class. Quantum Grav. 29, 035003, 2012, P1100091
  11. CO2 laser production of fused silica fibers for use in interferometric gravitational wave detector mirror suspensions
    A Heptonstall, M A Barton, A Bell, G Cagnoli, C A Cantley, D R M Crooks, A Cumming, A Grant, G D Hammond, G M Harry, J Hough, R Jones, D Kelley, R Kumar, I W Martin, N A Robertson, S Rowan, K A Strain, K Tokmakov and M van Veggel
    Rev. Sci. Instrum. 82, 011301, 2011, P1000080
  12. Noise Decoupling of Advanced LIGO Suspension Control
    B. Shapiro1, R. Adhikari, J. Driggers, J. Kissel, B. Lantz, J. Rollins and K. Youcef-Toumi
    Class. Quantum Grav. 32, 015004, 2015, P1400085

  13. Seismic Isolation:

  14. F. Matichard, B. Lantz, K. Mason, R. Mittleman, B. Abbott, et al. "Advanced LIGO Two-Stage Twelve-Axis Vibration Isolation and Positioning Platform. Part 1: Design and Production Overview." Precision Engineering. Precision Engineering 40 (2015): 273-286.
  15. F. Matichard, B. Lantz, K. Mason, R. Mittleman, B. Abbott, et al. "Advanced LIGO Two-Stage Twelve-Axis Vibration Isolation and Positioning Platform. Part 2: Experimental Investigation and Tests Results." Precision engineering 40 (2015): 287-297.
  16. F. Matichard, B. Lantz, R. Mittleman, K. Mason, J. Kissel, B. Abbott, et al. "Seismic isolation of Advanced LIGO: Review of strategy, instrumentation and performance". Classical and Quantum Gravity 32.18 (2015): 185003.
  17. S. Wen, R. Mittleman, et. al., "Hydraulic External Pre-Isolator System for LIGO", Class. Quantum Grav. 31 235001 (2014), P1400058
  18. E. Daw, et. al., “Long term study of the seismic environment at LIGO”, Class.Quant.Grav. 21 (2004) 2255-2273,, LIGO-P040015

  19. Pre-stabilized Laser

  20. Patrick Kwee et al. "Stabilized high-power laser system for the gravitational wave detector advanced LIGO", Opt. Express, 20, 10617-10634 (2012), P1100192
  21. Lutz Winkelmann et al. "Injection-locked single-frequency laser with an output power of 220 W", Appl. Phys. B, 102, 529–538 (2011),

  22. Input and Output Optics

  23. Zhanwei Liu et al. " Feedback control of optical beam spatial profiles using thermal lensing", Applied Optics, Vol. 52, Issue 26, pp. 6452-6457 (2013), P11300045
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  27. Chris Mueller et al., "Advanced LIGO Input Optics", in preparation.

  28. Core Optics

  29. Titania-Doped Tantala/Silica Coatings for Gravitational-Wave Detection. G. M. Harry, M. R. Abernathy, A. E. Becerra Toledo, H. Armandula, E. Black, K. Dooley, C. Nwabugwu, A. Villar, D. R. M. Crooks, G. Cagnoli, J. Hough, I. MacLaren, P. Murray, S. Reid, S. Rowan, P. H. Sneddon, M. M. Fejer, R. Route, S. D. Penn, P. Ganau, J.-M. Mackowski, C. Michel, L. Pinard, A. Remillieux, Classical and Quantum Gravity 24 (2006) 405. P08050048

  30. Contamination:

  31. " Optical contamination control in the Advanced LIGO ultra-high vacuum system ", Proc. SPIE 8885, Laser-Induced Damage in Optical Materials: 2013, 88852E (November 14, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2047327, P1300192

  32. Transmission Monitor and Suspension

    Stray Light Control
  33. Smith, Michael, "Scattered Light Control in Advanced LIGO", proceedings of The Twelfth Marcel Grossmann Meeting on Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Astrophysics and Relativistic Field Theories, UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France, 12 – 18 July 2009. P1000002

  34. Thermal Compensation

  35. Brooks, Aidan et. al., "Direct measurement of absorption-induced wavefront distortion in high optical power systems", Applied Optics, 48 (2). pp. 355-364. P080089
  36. Lawrence, Ryan at. al., "Adaptive thermal compensation of test masses in advanced LIGO", Class. Quantum Grav. 19 (2002) 1803-1812. P010023

  37. Optical Levers

    Photon Calibrator

  38. E. Goetz, R.L. Savage, "Calibration of the LIGO displacement actuators via laser frequency modulation", Class.Quant.Grav. 27 (2010) 215001. P0900259
  39. E. Goetz, et. al., "Accurate calibration of test mass displacement in the LIGO interferometers", Class.Quant.Grav. 27 (2010) 084024. P0900155
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  42. Data Acquisition System

  43. The Advanced LIGO Timing System, I. Bartos, R. Bork, M. Factourovich, J. Heefner, S. Márka, Z. Márka, Z. Raics, P. Schwinberg and D. Sigg, Class. Quantum Grav. 27 (2010) 084025, P0900265

  44. Interferometer Sensing and Control

  45. Alignment sensing and control in Advanced LIGO
    L. Barsotti, M. Evans and P. Fritschel
    Class. Quantum Grav. 27 (2010) 084026, P0900258.
  46. High Precision Optical Cavity Length and Width Measurement Using Double Modulation
    A. Staley, D. Hoak, A. Effler, K. Izumi, S. Dwyer, K. Kawabe, E.J. King, M. Rakhmanov, R. L. Savage, and D. Sigg,
    Optics Express 23 (2015) 19417, P1400184

  47. Data Computing and Storage

    Facilities Modifications


    Integrated Testing

  48. Achieving Resonance in the Advanced LIGO Gravitational-Wave Interferometer
    A. Staley, D. Martynov, R. Abbott, R.X. Adhikari, K. Arai, S. Ballmer, L. Barsotti, A.F. Brooks, R.T. DeRosa, S. Dwyer, A. Effler, M. Evans, P. Fritschel, V.V. Frolov, C. Gray, C.J. Guido, R. Gustafson, M. Heintze, D. Hoak, K. Izumi, K. Kawabe, E.J. King, J.S. Kissel, K. Kokeyama, M. Landry, D.E. McClelland, J. Miller, A. Mullavey, B. O'Reilly, J.G. Rollins, J.R. Sanders, R.M.S. Schofield, D. Sigg, B.J.J. Slagmolen, N.D. Smith-Lefebvre, G. Vajente, R.L. Ward, and C. Wipf
    Class. and Quantum Grav., Class. Quantum Grav. 31 (2014) 245010, P1400105
  49. Observation of Parametric Instability in Advanced LIGO
    M. Evans, S. Gras, P. Fritschel, J. Miller, L. Barsotti, D. Martynov, A. Brooks, D. Coyne, R. Abbott, R.X. Adhikari, K. Arai, R. Bork, B. Kells, J. Rollins, N. Smith-Lefebvre, G. Vajente, H. Yamamoto, C. Adams, S Aston, J. Betzweiser, V. Frolov, A. Mullavey, A. Pele, and Romie, Janeen and Thomas, Michael and Thorne, Keith and Dwyer, Sheila and Izumi, Kiwamu and Kawabe, Keita and Sigg, Daniel and Derosa, Ryan and Effler, Anamaria and Kokeyama, Keiko and Ballmer, Stefan and Massinger, Thomas J. and Staley, Alexa and Heinze, Matthew and Mueller, Chris and Grote, Hartmut and Ward, Robert and King, Eleanor and Blair, David and Ju, Li and Zhao, Chunnong
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, (2015) 161102, P1400254

  50. Automation


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