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Searches for continuous gravitational waves from nine young supernova remnants

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We describe directed searches for continuous gravitational waves in data from the sixth LIGO science data run. The targets are nine young supernova remnants not associated with pulsars; eight of the remnants are associated with non-pulsing suspected neutron stars. One target's parameters were uncertain enough to warrant two searches, for a total of ten. Each search covered a broad band of frequencies and first and second frequency derivatives for a fixed sky direction. The searches coherently integrated data from the two LIGO interferometers over time spans from 5.3--25.3~days using the matched-filtering $\mathcal{F}$-statistic. We found no credible gravitational-wave signals. We set 95\% confidence upper limits as strong (low) as $4\times10^{-25}$ on intrinsic strain, $2\times10^{-7}$ on fiducial ellipticity, and
$4\times10^{-5}$ on $r$-mode amplitude. These beat the indirect limits from energy conservation and are within the
range of theoretical predictions for neutron-star ellipticities and $r$-mode amplitudes.
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