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Test of the Second Law of Black Hole Thermodynamics with the LIGO event GW150914

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The recent LIGO discovery of the binary black holes merging and forming a
single Kerr black hole provides the first and unique opportunity to test the
black hole area-entropy theorem or the second law of black hole
thermodynamics. We discuss the test of the entropy law \ using the mass and
spin estimates from the LIGO event GW150914. Because both the initial and
final states consist only of black holes with high entropy and coherent
gravitational waves with very low entropy, the test is essentially geometrical
and ideal. However, the precision and the test itself are limited by
interdependencies and errors in parameter estimation. Future studies on
similar BBH events are critical precision tests of black hole area-entropy theorem.
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More robust conceptually with area-entropy law treated as a general thermodynamical constraint on gravity, independent of GR. Noted earlier note by Walter an Vitale on test of area theorem for the event.

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