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LSC Instrument Science White Paper 2009

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18 Jun 2009, 07:24
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC) maintains a research and development program directed toward the improvement of the current generation of LIGO and GEO interferometers as well as toward the development of concepts, prototypes, components, and modeling for future interferometer configurations. Research is conducted broadly along four main themes: novel interferometer topologies and sensing schemes for future gravitational wave detectors, advanced high power laser concepts and prototyping for future detectors, test mass mirror and ancillary optical materials and components, and methods for improving the vibration isolation of test mass mirrors through suspension and seismic isolation. These four themes form the basis for the LSC technical working groups (WG) that coordinate the efforts across LSC member institutions:
The Advanced Interferometer Configurations Working Group (AIC)
The Lasers and Light Sources Working Group (LWG)
The Optics Working Group (OWG)
The Suspensions and Isolation Working Group (SWG)

The intent of the white paper is to provide a synopsis of the current R&D directions of the four LSC instrument science technical working groups. While not exhaustive, the white paper outlines the main current and future research foci of each of the groups.

This white paper represents the current thinking of the LSC technical working groups as of mid 2009. It will undergo revisions periodically as we reassess the needs of LSC instrument science.

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