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HAM Small Triple Suspension (HSTS) Final Design Document

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T - Technical notes
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30 Aug 2013, 15:05
HAM Small Triple Suspension (HSTS) Final Design Document
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v2 - revised with various additions following requests from Final Design Review committee members, including:
new section (5) on OSEMS, Magnets and DC control ranges
reference to document T0900588 incorporating modal shapes
information (fig 2) on provision of holes in structure for various applications
clarification on baseline choice for suspension wire radius (4.4)
information on gluing prisms (4.5), attaching magnets (4.6), and adjusting suspension for variation in masses (4.7)
information on seismic input (11.4) and damping control law (11.5) used for producing noise curves

v3 - value for lever arm in roll direction at top mass is now included in section 5.

v4 Table in section 5 (OSEMs, Magnets and DC Control Ranges) has been updated with a revised table captured from T1300079-v1, where more details and frequency-dependent information can be found. Any future updates to T1300079 supercedes what is captured here.
v5 – added link info to actuator noise estimates (section 6), updated Section 7 (RODAs etc) including a new section on further design reviews.
v6 - added another RODA
v7 - updated section 7 re ECR E1201116 –actions completed
v8 - added another RODA
v9 - added another RODA

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