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Design Notes for Production Blades for HAM Suspensions

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09 Aug 2010, 15:36
21 Jul 2010, 07:59
27 Jun 2010, 11:51
Design Notes for Production Blades for HAM Suspensions: OMC-SUS, HLTS and HSTS
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v1 is incomplete. FEA needs to be carried out on the HSTS upper and lower blades (both highly curved)to find the necessary radius and deflection values.
v2 has corrected length for clamping region of HLTS lower blade(15 mm, not 10 mm). HSTS info still to be added.
v3 includes the FEA results for the HSTS highly curved blades which Mike Meyer has produced, and shows the new rev number for each drawing. Also for HLTS lower blade, revised alpha factor info used, as referenced in text.
v4 has update to HLTS lower blade with compromise design between that produced using the blade equations in EXCEL spreadsheet and that produced using FEA in ANSYS. See 5.2.
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