LIGO Document T1100378-v12

aLIGO QUAD Controls Design Description

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T - Technical notes
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The purpose of this document is to present and describe the aLIGO Quadruple Suspension Controls Design Electronics. This description includes everything in the signal path between the QUADs OSEM and when it first enters the Simulink model.
Notes and Changes:
Brand new, hopefully up-to-date ETM L3 stage description which includes the latest low-voltage low-noise (LVLN) ESD driver and PI paths.
Notes from S Dwyer about ESD Monitor gains:

looking at page 6 of

The monitor gain for the ETM bias is actually 0.0437, while V12 of this document says 0.025 on page 4

Also on page 4 in this document, the ETM ESD LV monitor board (D1500389) is described having a DC gain of 0.25, I think that it is really a DC gain of 2.

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