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water and air outgassing rates for Advanced LIGO Cabling

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The water and air outgassing rates for a common cable used in Advanced LIGO was measured. This particular cable type is kapton insulated, with twisted pair, overall shielded, PEEK braid over-wrapped, and DB25 connectors. A quantity of 50 cables (not cleaned and not baked) were placed into a vacuum bake oven (VBO F) in the Vacuum Bake Lab at Caltech. The pumpdown rate was monitored over time.

After 576 hrs of pumping (at a rate of 37 liters/sec) at room temperature (23C), the oven was heated to 53C for ~16 hrs and then allowed to cool.

For comparison, the number of cables in the WBSC6 chamber is 51 SEI cables (see E1200042-v1) plus 26 payload cables (see D1101478-v7), or a total of 77 cables. Note that the cables in the chambers include other types including PFA (teflon) insulated cables.

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The pumpdown is still progressing. Preliminary data are posted here.

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